Hi there, I am Edzo. Welcome!

For who that want to reach me

πŸ“ My Contact details (e.g., LinkedIn, socials) can me found on my about page Note:for my email and phone number, see my resume.

For who wants to know more about me as a person

βœ” My Resume is available as a presentation and as an A4 document.
I like decompositions and visualisations. I visualized my personal goals. And I created various decks around a specific topic.

Here some publications of mine

πŸ““ My Blog Content: on Twitter, Blogs and Presentations
πŸŽ“ My Academic Content: via ORCID and DOI
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» My Code: on Gitlab and Github

πŸ¦‰These Topics play a large role in my view on organisations.

πŸ“š My collection of Presentation Decks from my private library, filled with information/brain-dumps for example PKI, Enterprise Architecture, collection of great “patterns”. Decks from my public presentations can be found on SlideShare

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