Welcome to my resume page. Here you can find my most recent resume and many more. Thank you for your effort of getting to know me.

Nothing beats a good (face-to-face) conversation over a cup of coffee (or tea). My intention is to provide a second best experience via the following documents and sites.

FYI on my about page is also some information on my personality. In time a more elaborate version be added to this page.

Content on this page

English Resume @ Google Slides

Dutch Resume @ Google Slides

Goal Map @ Google Slides

Dutch (Elaborate) Resume v2019 @ Google Slides

History of Resume’s

Since 2006 I am working for Sogeti Netherlands. This is a IT Consultancy firm. I have been assigned to around 30 clients since November 2006, and had many versions of my Sogeti resume per year.

Once every 5 years I update my resume for the outside world. Since 1993 (12 years old) I have been working (in IT) and therefore have had many versions of my CV.

Almost all versions where lost during a SD card crash of a Raspberry pi. Available versions of my resume can be found on this page.

A complete list of all assignments at Sogeti can also be found at LinkedIn. I aim to also add side-quests from before my time at Sogeti (volunteering) and talent tracks during my time at Sogeti to my LinkedIn profile.

This page contains links to my Google Drive and to my Gitlab Profile Repository.



  • Create a resume in MarkDown.
  • Ccreate a resume in LaTeX (a4).


  • Translate Dutch Google Slide to English Google Slide.
  • Update the Dutch and English Google Slide.
  • Select a different theme for the Google Slide version.
  • add Goal map (mindmap?)